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Dear Me,

Who’d ever thought you’d be where you are now? The fifteen year old you expected to be well off on her own doing bigger things. Instead, you’re here in a cluster fuck with still very little sense for direction in life. Your hopes and dreams, well they were just that. It’s not all that bad though. You’ve somehow stumbled upon a glimpse of happiness and found what you have always longed for; Stability.  Fear not, hun. The future is no longer a scary unimaginable place. If there’s anything you’ve learned in the last 8 years its that everything really does come and go. It’s true when people say to value and appreciate what you have now because you never know when you might get or see it again. Remember to have faith and know that people are watching over you. Recall the times when you desperately needed guidance and help that somehow along the way something  or some sort of opportunity will fall into your lap. Seriously, just have faith. Be generous with love and remember to help those with less. Don’t fret and don’t take anything for granted. You’re almost a quarter way through life and it has not only been a bumpy road but this. This has shown how much you endured and how far you really can go. Don’t forget to have heart and don’t lose sight of your goals, as I know you are easily sidetracked.

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