Tomorrow’s the day.

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I will be going into surgery tomorrow at 7AM. Early start.
Excited? Yes. Nervous? Fuck yes.

Hopefully it all goes well and smoothly. Hopefully they can do the cut through my rib and not have to crack my sternum.
I’m more worried about the recovery part since I have an anxiety issue from time to time. I really hope it doesn’t get worse with a fixed heart, because I read in some places that peoples hearts get way more fluttery than normal. That is not something I look forward to. I ate well this week, most of the stuff that I would be happily to say they were my last meals. haha.
My boyfriend jokes that he felt a tummy this morning from the weight I’ve probably gained from eating all crazy.. & he also asked if Im ready to lose some weight after surgery?

So I finally made the video talking a little bit about how I discovered my ASD. To be honest, I tried recording a few times and forgot which one I uploaded because most of them were blurry and I felt I used “UMM” too many times but it will suffice. I wanted to edit some parts out and make it more to the point, but the tech, camera SD memory card, and lighting wouldn’t allow me to do so.

My old youtube had it to for those who were already subscribed to me from previous years:
OLD YOUTUBE ( Don’t subscribe to this because I will not update any further)

But if you want to follow along on updates on my journey to recovery and snippets of details of the feeling come follow along:

DISCLAIMER: I do have to warn you that these videos I talk about might be depressing at points since I will be talking about my pain levels and being so secluded and not being able to do a damn thing. lol

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