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How often do you find yourself here?

I don’t mean on this blog. I mean find yourself strolling along this inter web in search of something. Let me warn you that this post has no special meaning, no specific topic, and absolutely insignificant.

We are 21 days into 2019. For some reason I’ve had this gloomy feeling over me. I know there are others who are going through it too. & I just wonder, why does this wave of sadness brush over me at the start of a “new year”. There’s no real reason to be unhappy, but it just is. I just, am. I just want you, whoever is reading this, to know; Sadness comes in waves, and they also just get washed back out. So don’t sulk or feel alone, someone, somewhere, is feeling what you’re feeling.

Just a thought; Maybe I feel sad because of all this “expectation” for the “new” year. Which mean it should be a fresh start, a new beginning of some sort, and yet here I am getting through just another ordinary day in which there is no significance to the days.

I can say that it has been 10 years since I started “blogging” in general. Putting my thoughts into words on display for strangers who I don’t know to read. Into my life. Into my thoughts. None of it makes sense and it doesn’t have too.

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