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[ I normally don’t know what to put as an appropriate title for these blog entries, so when I do, I know there’s a definitive direction that I’m going for. ]

I got engaged Oct 2017. It’s been a little over a year now since the proposal. A lot of people have asked me, “So when’s the wedding?”. I repeatedly give the answer, “no”. 95% of the time people are so flabbergasted of the idea of not having a wedding.  Does anyone ever think about why a wedding is such a big deal? Where did the idea of weddings come from? People, or more so women, often tell me that they’ve been dreaming of their wedding day since they were a little girl. It got me thinking, where did that idea come from? What instilled in people that a wedding happens to everyone when the time comes, like it’s a right of passage, that we all will come to at some point in our lives. Well, it never came to me. Don’t even get me started on when weddings became about how much everything cost and how big the guest list is to be. & who is all for? For the bride and groom? The stress that builds up to it, is already a big turn off for me. & I get that it’s one big party to celebrate the couple, but couldn’t we have a party with way less stress without deeming it as a “wedding”? Maybe, it’s just me.

It’s almost like hallmark or whoever decided to deem Valentinesday for teddy bears and love cards, but why do we only show how much we love someone on that day? It makes no sense, and I do not follow into this system of what other people do.

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