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Often I find myself racing to this imaginary finish line that of some sort has been conjured up in my mind. Do you find yourself comparing your life to your peers? Some days, I’ll have glimpses of people from the past… and I get curious of what they’re up to.

What’s their life like, how many kids they have, what career paths they taken, where they reside, etc. & I compare it to myself and how little I’ve accomplished and how little time I have left, (as if there’s a clock ticking and I’m running out of time).. but I’m not.

I’m realizing we all go at different paces, by the choices we make. So many routes, so many destinations, and so many possibilities.

Just a thought or a realization, really… that I just have to take life at my own pace. I have to remind myself it’s not a race and to slow down and enjoy every moment. What memories will I built, and if they’re good or bad will all depend on just that.

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