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A lot of people ask me what skincare products I use, because most of the time I have pretty clear skin.. (except for the occasional *time of the month*) blemishes. Otherwise, my skin is pretty flawless, if I may say so myself.

I know a lot of us tend to spend a lot on cosmetics, makeup, to cover up.. but one day.. I just realized why am I spending sooo much $$$ to cover up my flaws rather than fix them. I don’t like to wake up in the morning and hate myself. I want to love myself, bare and all! Don’t get me wrong, I still love makeup and love to try new things and styles.. but I feel like it all starts out with skincare when it comes to feeling good about yourself. So here are a few of my favorite products that I’ve been using for months, some are even for years!


  1. Witch Hazel  in the Rose Petal   $6.99
    (Great toner and really good for the complexion of my skin)


2. Drunk Elephant  $90
(Now this product is on the pricer side. Shall I say “PRODUCTSSSS”. Let me tell you though, this changed my skincare game within a week! I noticed a huge difference in my skin texture and the glow I was giving. This is soooooo worth the money! I promise if you try it, you won’t regret it. I am a cheap cheap person, if you know me well.. but this line and this brand’s products are E-VVVV-ERRY-THINGG_


3. Peace Out Acne stickers  $32.99

(Like I said earlier, my skin is pretty flawless unless its around my time of the month. These things are very little but work ASAP for my little pesky blemishes! It’s kind of gross how you stick it on, but I leave it over night. By morning you can see the white oils that the sticker have pulled out of your skin. Once I pull off the sticker, SOMETIMES it literally pulls the pus out without pain, leaves me WITHOUT redness! This has been a staple in my collection ever since it came out!)

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