Consistency is Key.

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And I don’t have a key…

I don’t understand why I can never stick to a blog as much as I used to on Tumblr.
Is it life? Is it “adulting”? It this the reason why I can’t focus solely on one thing, because my mind is all over the map with so many other tasks to manage.

Started life at UCSD. Honestly, surprised I got accepted into UCI and UCSD.. just cause you know, I don’t know, still blows my mind. Can’t find the right words.

It’s almost the end of the year, and I’ve been meaning to make a two year update video because I have been messaged asking about an update..but I’ve been so busy with exams, quizzes, papers, just so-many-things…

Will be back with something more valid… then me just typing out my thoughts at the moment.

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